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ConferenceCast 180: 10/17/2014: Video Edition

"Presence": Charlie Kuchenbrod

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Preexisting, by the Rev. Da Vita McCallister

Fail Forward, by the Rev. Gordon S. Bates

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Annual Meeting 2014 - We Need to Practice a Pronoun Shift from I to We

CHESHIRE -- Conference Minister the Rev. Kent J. Siladi had promised to share a guiding vision for the Connecticut Conference since shortly after his ministry began in June 2013. At the 147th Annual Meeting on October 18th, he summoned the Conference's leaders -- lay, ordained, and staff -- to a renewed commitment to ministries of covenant, ministries that recognize and celebrate that all God's creation lives in interdependence. "What would it look like," he asked, "if we agreed as the Connecticut Conference that the Spirit of God is calling us in these days to... Believe we need to practice a 'pronoun' shift: from 'Me, myself and I' to 'We, ourselves and us'?" 10/22/2014

Conference Resolutions Seek to End Injustices Locally and Overseas

CHESHIRE -- Delegates to the 147th Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Conference UCC considered and approved two resolutions on current issues on Friday evening, October 17th. The first calls for new steps toward ending the occupation of Palestinian territories by the state of Israel, including divestment from companies who profit from that occupation. The second urges revision of Federal and state laws, particularly around drug possession and sales, which have filled America's prisons with non-violent offenders. 10/22/2014

Telling the Climate Story

WEST HARTFORD -- Those who gathered for the Second Climate Stewardship Summit on October 12th may have been forgiven for having certain expectations. Ecological justice conferences tend to feature a keynote speaker or two, plus an assortment of workshops. Instead, those assembled at Congregation Beth Israel found themselves embraced by the creative arts, including drama, music, dance, filmmaking, and photography. 10/14/2014

Harmonies for Racial Harmony: the Connecticut Conference Choir Sings to End Racism

NORWALK -- Even as marchers took to the streets in and around Ferguson, Missouri, singers from around Connecticut Conference churches raised their voices to help bring American racism to an end. As protestors participated in Hands Up Sabbath demonstrations, said co-convener Anne Hughes, "We will have an Open Up of hearts and minds as we sing." 10/13/2014

Tolland Takes the SNAP Challenge

TOLLAND -- One hundred people took the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Challenge at the United Congregational Church UCC of Tolland in recognition of Foodshare's Hunger Action Month. Participants pledge to spend only $4.15 a day on food and drink without relying on gifts from friends and family -- and to eat as healthily as possible. 10/06/2014

Blessings in Uncertain Places: General Association Celebrates Gifts of the Darkwood

SHARON -- Forests by day, particularly the glades of Silver Lake Conference Center, offer refreshment to the spirit. After sunset, however, human beings often still fear the Darkwood, which imagination populates with venomous snakes, hungry predators, and monsters both human and superhuman. Dante Alighieri gave it poetic expression in The Commedia (Divine Comedy) opens with its hero (Dante himself) lost in a dark wood, in terror of ravenous beasts, and unable to find the "straight way" to safety and salvation. But there are gifts in the Darkwood, the Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes told participants in this year's General Association at Silver Lake Conference Center: blessings which cannot be found on the path of certainty and success. 10/01/2014

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ConferenceCast 180: 10/17/2014

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Nov. 7-9, 2014 -- "Becoming and Belonging" explores discipleship through covenant community and the...

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