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Connecticut UCC Churches in the News

Saugatuck Church Reopening, Rededication March 8

WESTPORT (2/23/2015) -- Saugatuck Congregational Church of Westport, Inc.
Ravaged by a 2011 fire that shot flames higher than its steeple—and since painstakingly rebuilt by its congregants—Westport’s historic Saugatuck Congregational Church is ready to reopen Sunday, March 8, with a formal rededication and worship services, church officials announced.
Read the story in the Westport Now

195 Years and Counting For Dixwell Congregational United Church of Christ

NEW HAVEN (2/11/2015) -- Dixwell Avenue United Church of Christ
Dixwell Avenue Congregational United Church of Christ has lasted through Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, the Civil Rights movement and “today’s struggle about whether black lives really matter,” as parishioner Hiram Brett noted Sunday in his altar prayer.
Read the story in the New Haven Register

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