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News Briefs

What's New, and What's Brief

CTUCC.org Website Recovering from Crash

HARTFORD (09/26/2014) -- The Connecticut Conference's primary websites, both ctucc.org and silverlakect.org, went down on Monday, September 22nd, due to a hardware failure on their host server. While the hardware was replaced within two hours, the Conference's web team has been resolving issues with rebuilding the sites all week.

"When the server went down," said the Rev. Eric S. Anderson, Minister of Communications and Technology, "we were fortunate not to lose any data. Our new hardware, however, came with software that required us to update some of our old code. We're still finding those incompatibilities and working to 'squash the bugs.'"

If site visitors find problems -- "And they probably will," says Anderson -- they should notify the website team by writing to webmaster@ctucc.org.

Click here to learn more.

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